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Improvements to Kiosk Mode for Pico & HTC Devices

STAGE: In progress

With this improvement to single-app kiosk mode, end-users in VR will have access to a custom quick access menu developed by ArborXR which can be accessed by pressing on the home button on the controllers. The quick access menu will show the time, battery life of the headset and the controllers, and include shortcuts to device settings, Wi-Fi, screen cast, screenshot, screen record, restart, and power off.

Admin users of ArborXR will be able to remotely disable access to the following shortcuts in the quick access menu via the web portal, to ensure end-users only have access to what they need:

  • Device settings
  • Screenshot
  • Record Screen
  • Cast Screen
Quick Access Menu (1).JPG

Figure 1: The quick access menu which appears on pressing the Pico or VIVE “home” button on the controllers

Configure quick acccess settings.JPG

Figure 2: Configure settings to display in the quick access menu via the web portal

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